Police Training & Proffessional Development


Support from the Trooper Foundation makes many State Police training and professional development programs available to other police agencies. With private sector investment, the New York State Police continue to offer programs like the Henry F. Williams Homicide Seminar to all police professionals in their efforts to curb violent crime.

Established in 1987 by the New York State Police, the Homicide Seminar is one of the premier annual training programs of its kind in the world. The seminar teaches homicide investigators how to apply theories and techniques of forensic science to their murder and suspicious death investigations—and encourages them to network with each other on cases and suspects.

More than 2,600 graduates of the Homicide Seminar (known as Williams Associates), working in police departments across all 50 states and over 25 foreign countries, have proven very effective in solving a number of open homicide cases.

For example, after the New York State Police learned a suspect in the vicious, May 1994 murder of Investigator Ricky Parisian might be in Denver, they contacted a member of the Denver Police Department who had attended the Henry F. Williams Homicide Seminar the year before. With his help, the killer was soon apprehended there and returned to New York for prosecution.

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