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Everyone dreads that "knock on the door at three o'clock in the morning"—and because of the frequently hostile nature of police work it's something families of police officers particularly fear.

Since 1995, the Trooper Foundation has hosted a tribute weekend in the fall to help the families of fallen Troopers come to terms with their loss and find support in the State Police "family." The response from those who have attended the tribute weekends has been overwhelmingly positive.

A major portion of the funding for this initiative comes from a charity golf tournament on Long Island featuring the New York Jets players and alumni. Private sector support also comes from business, individuals and civic organizations.

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What is the Disaster Relief Program?

The Disaster Relief Program is a major ongoing program of the NYS Troopers Foundation supporting all employees of the Division of State Police. The program was established as a joint effort of the Foundation, Division Headquarters, the P.B.A., and N.Y.S.P.I.A. in 1998 and formally launched in July 1999.

The program provides financial support and professional services to employees of the State Police and their families who are faced with certain kinds of disastrous or catastrophic situations, the nature of which causes a significant emotional and financial hardship for the family. Specifically, the program addresses three kinds of crises:

1. Major Damage to or Loss of Primary Residence

If an employee’s primary residence is destroyed or damaged in excess of $10,000.00 due to fire, storm, or any other circumstance, he/she is eligible for financial support from the Fund.

2. Tragic Illness or Injury

If an employee, his/her spouse, or a dependent child suffers from a life-threatening injury or illness that requires treatment at an out-of-town or out-of-state medical facility, or which otherwise imposes a significant financial hardship on the family, the employee is eligible for financial support from the Fund.

3. Line-of-Duty Death/Off-Duty Death due to Accident or Terminal Illness

If an employee is killed in the line of duty, his/her family is eligible for financial support from the Fund.

If an employee dies tragically as the result of an accident or terminal illness, his/her family is eligible for financial support from the Fund.

If an employee’s spouse or dependent child dies tragically as the result of an accident or terminal illness, his/her family is eligible for financial support from the Fund.

If an employee or his/her family is eligible for support from the Disaster Relief Fund due to any of the above circumstances, the average financial benefit paid by the Troopers Foundation is currently $3,500.00.

>How does the Disaster Relief Program work?

If a Division employee, whether sworn or non-sworn, meets the above criteria, his/her name should be referred to the Foundation office in Latham, NY by either his/her Troop or Detail Commander or union delegate. Once the Foundation is notified of a case, a check will be sent within 24-48 hours. In rare instances, there may be a delay if the Foundation’s Case Review Committee is called upon to make a final determination of eligibility.

>How is the Disaster Relief Program funded?

The Disaster Relief Program is funded entirely by tax-deductible donations. The major source of donations for the program is the State Police workforce, over 30 percent of which currently supports the program through payroll deduction contributions. Another key source of the support is the Investigator Bill Swanker Memorial Golf Tournament held every September in Albany, NY. This tournament raises approximately $30,000 annually for the program. Then there are a number of private citizens, businesses, foundations and other organizations that make gifts to the program throughout the year.

Can a Division employee designate his/her SEFA contribution for the Disaster Relief Program?

No. The Troopers Foundation has its own payroll deduction program for Division employees to make personal gifts to the Disaster Relief Program. The only Foundation program that is supported, in part, through the SEFA campaign is the State Police Summer Program for underprivileged children (SPSP).

Unlike SEFA, the Troopers Foundation designates 100 percent of its payroll deduction gifts to the Disaster Relief Program, while absorbing administrative and fund raising costs through other avenues, such as our Annual Giving Appeal.

Why is the support of the State Police workforce so important to the program?

The Disaster Relief Program is one of ten ongoing programs of the Foundation supporting the men and women of the New York State Police and the citizens they serve. It is the only program for which the Foundation actively seeks charitable support from the State Police family. Why? We offer three reasons:

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Disaster Relief Program, call us at 518/785-1002.

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