What Troopers and Supporters are saying about Foundation Sponsored programs and initiatives.

"Your Relief Fund assisted my family at a difficult time. Without your help, I believe we would have had less to be thankful for this Christmas. God bless you all and thank you very much!"

Trooper Joseph A. Ramirez, Jr.
New York State Police

"At our April meeting, the Central New York Chapter voted to donate $200 through the Trooper Foundation, to the State Police Summer Program. As a former Administrative NCO of the SPSP, I can attest to the benefits of the program. I was an unbeliever and skeptic. I only took the position as a favor to a friend, Jerry O'Grady. In several weeks, working with those kids, even a hard hearted, childless, old grouch that I was, was softened to tears. You cannot believe the poverty that these kids come from. To them, a food filled cafeteria line is unknown. You have to teach them that they can take as much as they want, but have to eat it all. Seconds are allowed. They are given a physical when they arrive at the Academy, probably their first. It is probably the first time in many lives, that that instead of a daily fight for survival, they can enjoy a team sport, see the outside world through daily trips or sleep in peace in a clean bed at night. At graduation, every youth Receives a trophy for something. I had to turn my head as I had tears when a kid who had adopted me, As The SARGE, came forward took his trophy and gave me a hug. You see, he took about 30 pills a day for cystic fibrous and probably is in a better place today. In over 30 Years with the Division, like all members, we have certain memories that we will never forget and may have changed our lives. My summer as NCO of SPSP was one of my finest hours as a member of the New York State Police." Mike Gilmour "D" 1962-1992

Michael A. Gilmour Treasurer, Central New York Chapter
Association of Former NY State Troopers
6155 Birchwood Rd., N. Syracuse, NY 13212

"Trooper Hernandez was unconscious and trapped in the car which had overturned and caught fire...While Troopers struggled inside the smoke filled, dark interior of the car to free Trooper Hernandez, the Foundation Mini Maglite was instrumental in seeing the way to untangle the trapped Trooper and free him just moments before the Troop Car became fully engulfed in flames...I would just like to say thank you to the Trooper Foundation for what was, no doubt, a gift of life."

Major Anthony J. DiResta (Retired)
Troop Commander
Troop L Headquarters

"The generous donation of the Firearms Training System (F.A.T.S.) in the spring of 1997 has been a great asset to training at the New York State Police Academy. The system has been extremely helpful with the shooters that are having a problem refining their level...having saved the Division money that would have been spent on extra ammunition to correct these problems."

Trooper Jeffrey Carmichael
New York State Police

"I found the material and subject matter (in D.A.R.E.) to be very appropriate and meaningful for the pre-adolescent age group. Building a self concept, managing peer pressure, making sound choices, seeking alternatives, these are some of the key issues that we in the middle school business reach for each and every day with our kids and these were the concepts that I saw."

Ernest F. Lusky
Attica Middle School

"I would like to thank everyone involved for a very moving and intense weekend. My children and I didn't know what to expect, but I know on some level, we became even closer than we were. It was a wonderful tribute to the families and our loved ones."

New York State Police Survivor

"I was recently trained in the operation of the Division's Rollover Simulator, regarding the dangers of failing to buckle up...I assisted in the investigation of a motor vehicle accident, in which the operator was ejected and fatally injured. I would like to personally thank you and the Trooper Foundation for your continued support of the New York State Police and for providing us assistance with the acquisition of equipment such as the Rollover Simulator, which will help us avert tragedies such as I witnessed last night."

Trooper Timothy W. Talley
New York State Police

"I had the pleasure of attending the Col. Henry Williams Homicide Seminar held during the fall of 1997...I have attended numerous law enforcement training programs during my twenty-three-year police career and I must say that the Williams Homicide Seminar ranks as one of the finest, well organized programs I've encountered. It is, and will remain, one of the training high points of my career."

Lt. Edward Moore, Investigators Division
Saratoga Springs Police Department

"My daughter, Naomi, returned from your summer program filled with excitement and enthusiasm...I was amazed at how much was accomplished in one short week...Your time, generosity, energy and personal commitment to this program will remain with us in years to come—a most positive and rewarding experience."

Patricia T.

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